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Composition Techniques for Boudoir Photography

An interesting composition helps to add visual appeal to your photos. Here are 6 composition techniques for upping your DIY boudoir game. These are not all of the compositional techniques out there, but they are a good place to start.

  • Rule of Thirds

  • Change your Angle

  • Leading Lines

  • Filling the Frame

  • Framing the Subject

  • Mirror, Mirror

Rule of Thirds

An example of the Rule of Thirds in boudoir.

The Rule of Thirds involves segmenting an image with two vertical lines and two horizontal lines evenly spaced to give nine squares with four points of intersection. By placing a subject at one of the points of intersection, on one of the lines, in one of the thirds, or filling one of the boxes the viewers eye will be drawn to it.

Notice in the photo above how the models eye is at one of the points of intersection when you overlay a rule of thirds grid onto the image. She is also placed on the right third of the frame as well.

The good news is you won’t need to imagine these lines while you are taking your photos. Most cameras and smartphones come with the ability to overlay a rule of thirds grid onto your screen while you are lining up your shot.

Change Your Angle

Since we mostly see images at eye level, images that are shot from a high or low angle instantly have more visual appeal. Getting low is easy, just crutch down. To get high, use a step stool or a sturdy chair.

Leading Lines

Leading lines are lines or other elements that lead your eye through the image, usually to the main subject. A leading line can be a railing, a leg, or lines in the flooring.

Filling the Frame

Filling the frame means that you get close to your subject with minimal background along the outer edges of the photo. Most people don’t take pictures where they fill frame. This rarity makes detail images all the more interesting.

Framing the Subject

By using something to frame your subject you are helping to draw the viewer’s eye to that subject. You can see this when people use picture frames when taking a photo. My favorite framing devices in boudoir are doorway and windows.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors allow you to have two elements of the same subject in one photo which leads to a unique perspective. You could even experiment with multiple subjects as well. You can use the reflections off of glass and other reflective surfaces in the same way.

Final Thoughts

Composition is one of the major aspects of good photography. However, it is still tricky to learn so take your time and focus on one step at a time.

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