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Welcome! is a place to explore boudoir photography on your own terms. Here I help you learn the art of DIY Boudoir. I will also share some of my own journey into the world of boudoir and other relevant topics such as portrait and travel photography.

A Little About Me


My name is Matt and ever since college I wanted to learn how to take awesome photos of my life and the things I find interesting. I finally picked up a proper camera in 2018 and naturally one of my favorite subjects is my wife. When I first learned about boudoir photography I knew it was something I wanted to try with her. What followed was a journey that would lead me to helping others learn the art of boudoir photography. Which is where I came up with the idea for

What is Boudoir?


When I say boudoir I’m not referring to a woman’s private sitting room, which is the original definition. I am referring to boudoir photography. Where everyday women get photos of themselves in lingerie and other sexy outfits. Traditionally, boudoir was done as a wedding gift for the groom. Now however, many women get boudoir photos done for themselves either as a confidence booster or simple because they want to.

The Two Types of DIY Boudoir


There are two types of DIY boudoir, self-shot and couple-shot.

Self-Shot is where you are both photographer and model. Generally you will use a tripod and either a remote or a time delayed shutter to help you take your photos. Here are a few articles to help you get started.

Couples-Shot is where a couple shoots together with one as the photographer and the other the model. They may also choose to do couples poses where they will have to use the same methods as self-shot boudoir in order to take their photos. In addition to the ones above, these articles will give you some great tips as you begin your journey.

Getting Serious about Boudoir Photography


If you want to get serious about taking your own boudoir photos, get yourself a camera and start learning the basics of photography. This is where my Photography Basics Series comes into play. 

My suggestion would be to start at the beginning with my post on Cameras and at the end of each article will be a link to the next in the series.

Personal Posts


In addition to my posts teaching others how to take their own boudoir photos I will also be writing about my own experiences. This includes reviewing some of the photography gear I use and recommend, interviews with professionals, and other areas of photography I enjoy.

Benefits of Subscribing


If you are interested in pursuing DIY boudoir for the long term consider subscribing. You will find the signup form at the bottom of every page. As a subscriber you will receive the following in your inbox.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit! If you ever have any questions or suggestions just head on over to my contact page and send me a message.

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