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The Best Boudoir Posing Guides

Boudoir Posing Guide

Credit: Marco Ibanez

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Posing is one of the more difficult aspects of boudoir photography. While there are a gifted few who are naturals, most of us need a little help from time to time. Thankfully a number of photographers have created posing guides to help those of us who struggle with this element of boudoir photography.

Ultimate Boudoir Posing Guide Vol 1 by Marco Ibanez

Boudoir Posing Guide

Credit: Marco Ibanez

If you have been a reader of this blog for any length of time you will know that I am a big fan of Marco Ibanez and his work. Aside from being an amazing photographer he has also taken the time to put together some handy posing guides that are some of the best out there. You can find this guide as well as many of his other products at this link.

Double Your Poses, Double Your Funds by Michael Sasser

Boudoir Posing Guide

Credit: Michael Sasser

Michael has done a great job throughout the years of being one of the premier educators in the boudoir photography genre thanks to his YouTube channel and other courses. As part of Michael's posing guide you also get access to behind the scenes videos from the photo shoots where he created the shots provided. Another of the great things about Michael's posing guide is that he has three different sections: one for curvy girls, one for shooting in small spaces, and one for shooting nude. In my view any one of these sections alone would be worth the full price but you get them all in one! You can find the link to his courses here.

The Boudoir Posing Deck by Lindsay Adler

Boudoir Posing Guide

If you prefer to have something more physical to use while shooting these cards by Lindsay Adler are just what you are looking for. Lindsay is another household name in boudoir photography education who I became aware of when I first started shooting boudoir. What I like about these cards is the size, they are 4.5” x 6”. Which makes them nice and easy to use. You can find them on Amazon here.

Final Thoughts

For those who struggle with posing, any one of these guides will serve you well and be worth the money. However, I do suggest that you get the right guide for you. If you like dark and moody photos, get Marco’s guide. If you are shooting in a small space, pick up Michael's guide. I also see this as an opportunity to support the great educators in this space that are helping us all to learn about and create amazing boudoir images.

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