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Upgrading Your Home for Boudoir

If you are looking to take your boudoir game to another level, why not consider upgrading your home. Not only will it make shooting easier, but you can get a new look for your space as well.

I’ll be starting out with some general tips and then moving on to the upgrades starting with simple inexpensive changes and ending with the most expensive and complex ones.

General Tips

Before you rush out and start spending your hard earned money I have some tips for when you are getting started to help you get the most out of your space and make the process of upgrading it a little easier.

  • Keep it Clean

  • Learn to Use what you Have First

  • More isn’t Always Better

  • Be Intentional With the Changes you Make

White Sheer Curtains

I’ve talked on the site before about the simple, white, sheer curtain and tension rod setup with good reason. It is a quick way to change the light in the room to a nice soft light that is great for taking photos. They are also a breeze to install.

White Bed Sheets

After white curtains, I’ve also talked about having a set of white bed sheets for shooting with if you are using a bedroom as your studio space. Aside from giving you a nice clean look for your photos, they also reflect light to help brighten up your subject.

My advice is to have a sheet set used exclusively for your photography. If you use them as your main set they will gradually become dingy with repeated washings and you will need to replace them so they still look good for your photos.


Changing up the decor in a room is a good way to help upgrade your space and it can usually be done without breaking the bank.

  • Potted Plant(s): A little greenery can go a long way; they also make excellent foreground objects. If you don’t have a green thumb, fake plants work just fine.

  • Art Work: A nice piece of artwork hanging over your bed or sofa helps to pull the space together. This is usually the main centerpiece of the room and will appear in a good number of your photos.

  • Main Curtains: After you invest in a set of sheer, white curtains the next step is to purchase a nice set of main curtains to pair them with. A double curtain rod system will be a useful investment here too.


One of the best upgrades you can make to a room, in my opinion, is to give it a new coat of paint. A few cans of paint and some sweat is a small price to pay for a fresh new look for your shooting space.

To help you pick a color that will work for you, here’s my tip. If you have a room with big windows and lots of natural light you can go with a darker shade than if your space is less well lit. In fact if you don’t have good lighting, choosing a lighter hue will help brighten up the room.


If you have twenty-year-old carpet in your preferred shooting space, upgrading to a nice laminate or hardwood can really add that last piece to the puzzle. If you are handy you might even be able to do this yourself over a couple of weekends. A simple, area rug could add some extra interest and variety to your shots also.


You’ve upgraded your curtains, changed out your bed sheets, painted, and installed new flooring. Next up is to change out your furniture. You will want to start with the larger pieces first and plan the rest of your purchases around those so that everything works well together.

If you have a dedicated studio a good choice for a bed is actually a blow up bed. This gives you the option to easily move it out of the way for a different shot. I've seen several different boudoir photographers use this method.

Larger Windows

The last item we will cover is for those that love natural light not only for their photos but also for life in general and that is windows. Getting larger windows installed or adding one where there is only a blank wall will be a game changer. Most home builders try to construct their homes as simply as possible to help them save money. This leads to rooms with small windows and little natural light.

The best tip I have for this is to find a reputable contractor, this isn’t something you should be undertaking if you don't already know what you are doing.

Final Thoughts

Remember, to take it slow so you don’t get overwhelmed. I also have one last piece of advice. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little if you are up for it. You might find you enjoy the results more than you thought you would.

One last thing. If you are enjoying this blog and wish to support the work I do here, consider using the Buy me a Coffee button at the bottom of the page to make a one time donation to show your appreciation.

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