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Pulling off a Boudoir Styled Maternity Shoot

Maternity Boudoir

Maternity photography is very similar to boudoir in that it helps women celebrate their feminine nature. After all what is more feminine than growing another life within you. There are some specific challenges to pulling off a boudoir themed maternity shoot though. The main one being how to best show off the bump.

When to Take Maternity Photos

Maternity Boudoir

When is the best time to take maternity photos? In general it is suggested maternity photos be taken from the 5th to 7th month of pregnancy because your bump is pronounced during this time and you can still move around easily. This also depends on your personal preferences of course. If you would prefer having them done while you are smaller then get them sooner rather than later or vice versa.


Maternity Boudoir

While your outfit choices are similar to a traditional boudoir shoot there are a couple of options that are great for a boudoir styled maternity shoot. Specifically, I’m talking about maternity dresses and robes. If you decide on a maternity dress, be sure it hugs or flows around your belly. Some of your best outfit options are below.

  • Lace or Sheer Maternity Dress

  • Silk or Lace Robe

  • White dress Shirt with Panties

  • Bra and Panties

  • Just Panties

  • Nude

No matter the outfits you choose, ensure they will fit correctly. Waiting until you are close to your session date to purchase clothing items can help with this.


Maternity Boudoir

Standing side and angle poses will be your bread and butter as these will help your bump stand out. Another common pose is for you to lie down on your back and shoot either from the side or from the top of your head. Sitting and kneeling poses work too and as with standing poses photographs from the side or at an angle will work best.

Your hands will be concentrating on your belly most of the time. However, don’t be afraid to move them around a bit, play with your hair or rest a hand on your hip or face. These poses will go a long way to giving you some variety in your photos.

Other Tips

Maternity Boudoir
  • Use a lens with a longer focal length to avoid distortion.

  • If you are working outdoors, keep any walking to a manageable distance. No three mile hikes uphill.

  • Use compositional elements to highlight the bump.

  • Light from the side when you can.

  • Always keep the mom-to-be comfortable.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this article helpful in pulling off your boudoir styled maternity shoot. Pregnancy can be an exciting time and having great pictures can be a nice keepsake for years to come.

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