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Photographers Emergency Pouch

Photographers Emergency Pouch

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Murphy’s law states that if something can go wrong, it will. Why not be prepared for when that happens? You never know when you might need a bit of tape or a safety pin while out on a shoot. And keeping a kit of useful items is a cheap insurance policy. One plus of this kit, it’s fully TSA carry-on compliant.

The Pouch

I use a Maxpedition E.D.C Pocket Organizer. The two things I like about it are that it has tons of storage and it’s really well built. If you want something smaller you can pick up the Micro version instead.

What’s Inside

I keep a variety of items in the pouch to handle all kinds of emergencies, but they can be broken down into four categories: photography, utility, shooting day, and comfort.


  • Small Rig Multi-Tool: If you are a photographer you need this in your bag!

  • Extra Zeiss Lens Wipes: I use these for my sunglasses too, so I go through a lot of them.

  • Spare Lens Cloth: I have a ton of these so why not throw one in here as a backup.


  • Streamlight Stylus Pro: You can use your phone, but I prefer something with more power.

  • AAA Batteries: Extras for the flashlight.

  • Pen: Useful for filling out customs forms when flying internationally.

  • Sharpie: When a pen just won’t work.

  • Small Lighter: I’m a bit of a fire bug. :)

  • Duct Tape: I wrap a little around a small card.

Shooting Day

  • Safety Pins: Fly away hairs beware.

  • Hair Ties: When I had long hair I realized these are useful for more than just hair.

  • Bobby Pins: To help with the fit on clothes.

  • Tide Pen: This little thing has saved me a few times.


  • Hand Warmers: Also useful for astrophotography to keep your lens from fogging up.

  • Extra Tylenol/Advil: Mainly for headaches and the occasional neck pain when my main bottle runs out.

What’s Not Inside

I've seen other photographers pouches and they keep some items I don’t.

  • First aid supplies: Instead of keeping band-aids in my pouch I carry a full first aid kit. The Tylenol I carry is in addition to the ones in my first aid kit and my main bottle.

  • Electronic cords or chargers: Since this isn’t an everyday pouch, I don't carry cords or chargers like other photographers do.

  • Survival items: While this is an emergency pouch, I don’t keep any survival items in it.

Final Thoughts

If you have any suggestions on an item I should put in my kit leave a comment below. Likewise if you have any questions I’m happy to answer them.

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P.S. I always like to add as much value as I can to my posts, to that end here is a video from Peter McKinnon talking about his emergency pouch which is what inspired me to make my own.

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