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My Review of the Canon RP

Canon EOS RP

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I’ve had my Canon EOS RP for almost two years now and I freaking love it! It was a major upgrade from my old Nikon d3300 DSLR. While I haven’t gotten to use it as much as I would like thanks to the pandemic, I have enough experience with it to give you my thoughts and to share some sample images with you.


Here is a small list of the specs I think are most relevant when deciding which camera to use for boudoir photography:

  • Full-Frame Sensor

  • 26.2 Megapixels

  • 5 Frames per Second

  • RF Lens Mount

  • Vari-angle LCD Screen

  • Eye Autofocus

  • Built-in Intervalometer

What I Like

All the Bokeh. Thanks to the RP being full-frame, I get a much smaller depth of field which means a nice blurry background out of my nifty-fifty, 50mm lens, than I did with my old Nikon d3300 which you want when shooting boudoir. Not only am I able to blur out the background when shooting portraits, but I can still get great detail shots with it too.

The ISO performance is awesome. A number of times I have needed to push the ISO up to 3200 and I still walked away with a shot I could use with very little noise. I had only been able to go up to 800 ISO before I got the RP. This has given me 2 extra stops of light that I can use in low light situations to get the shot I want.

Great dynamic range. Even when I’m not able to get my exposure right in camera thanks to bad lighting, many times I have been able to pull back details in post processing to get a usable image thanks to the excellent dynamic range.

This camera feels good in my hands and I can easily reach all of the buttons. I held the Sony Alpha a7III when I bought my RP and it felt like a brick. The RP in contrast felt like it was made to fit my hand perfectly.

What I Don’t Like

While I am not a professional photographer I would like to have two SD card slots. This way I always have a backup of my pictures from the get go. In college, I lost all of my photos to a hard drive crash and I have been paranoid about backing up my photos ever since. Especially now that I have gotten into photography.

The RP comes with a small battery. A number of times I have needed to change it while I am out and about taking photos and I do have a second battery I always keep charged for this reason. I also have a battery bank in case I need more juice.

No third party lens support. Canon has yet to open up their lens mount so Tamron and Sigma can enter the RF lens market. Which is a bummer because both of those companies make excellent lenses at great prices.

Photo Samples

Final Thoughts

To wrap things up I think the Canon RP is a great entry level camera for those wanting to get into full-frame or upgrade into mirrorless. I’m not the only one who thinks so either. Michael Sasser also recommends it too, see his video below.

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