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Boudoir Posing Tips for Curvy Girls

Boudoir Posing Tips for Curvy Girls

I am a firm believer that boudoir photography is for everyone and aim to help as many women as possible experience it’s wonders. This is one of the major reasons I started To that end here are 6 boudoir posing tips for curvy girls to help you get the most out of your shoot.

  1. Turn to the Side

  2. Lying Down Poses Rock

  3. Highlight the Face

  4. Back Shots for the Win

  5. Use the Girls

  6. Be a Tease

Turn to the Side

When performing a standing pose you want to turn to the side slightly. This helps to slim the waist and hips. You can see this affect yourself by standing in front of a mirror straight on and then slowly turning to a 45 degree angle.

Lying Down Poses Rock

Boudoir Posing Tips for Curvy Girls

As you can see from the photo above, lying down poses are great for curvy girls. This goes for lying on your front, or back. When you lie on your front, elevate the hip closer to the camera as it helps add an “S” shape from your shoulders traveling down your back to your hips.

Highlight the Face

One of the key shots for any boudoir photo shoot is the portrait. With a portrait, the face is the focal point of your image. You can take this a step further by planning photos that have the face closer to the camera while your body recedes into the background. One trick to keep in mind with posing is that things further from the lens appear smaller.

Back Shots for the Win

Boudoir Posing Tips for Curvy Girls

If you are self-conscious about your belly then a good back shot is a must for your boudoir shoot. For back shots it helps to have lingerie with an interesting cut or details to help draw the eye through the image.

Be a Tease

One of the great aspects of boudoir is the ability to really up the tease factor. Which you can do in the following ways:

  • One second before. Take the shot one second before something is about to happen. Such as when you are unbuttoning your shirt or slipping out of a robe.

  • Hide something. It could be your face through your hair or your body under a sheet.

  • Be playful. With this one it’s all in the smile, eyes, and maybe a come hither gesture.

Use the Girls

Boudoir Posing Tips for Curvy Girls

Focus on shots that accentuate the bust. I’m told one of the perks of being curvy is the ability to fill out a bra. I say if you’ve got it why not flaunt it? You can do a combination of direct detail shots like the one above and portrait shots that include a lot of cleavage.

Bonus tip: Cross your arms in front of you and use them to help lift and press your breasts together.

Final Thoughts

There are many posing tips out there for curvy girls, but these are the ones I think are the best. Now that you have a few tools in your tool belt go out and rock your boudoir shoot!

One last thing. If you are enjoying this blog and wish to support the work I do here, consider using the Buy me a Coffee button at the bottom of the page to make a one time donation to show your appreciation.

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