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The 6 Types of Boudoir Shots

6 Types of Boudoir Shots

One problem I run into, and I have heard the same from others, is getting a variety of images during shoots. Because I don’t shoot boudoir as often as I would like, it's harder for my mind to get into the headspace where I see different shots like a professional would be able to. So to help correct this problem, I have recently started focusing on these 6 types of shots.

  1. Environmental Shot

  2. Full Body Shot

  3. Partial Body Shot

  4. Portrait

  5. Detail Shot

  6. Silhouette

Environmental Shot

6 Types of Boudoir Shots

Your model and her surroundings, that is the essence of an environmental shot. When you take a photo of a subject and the area around her you can achieve a greater understanding of the context and overall story. For example, she could be sitting on a couch enjoying a drink, lounging on a bed reading a book, or walking to an outdoor shower.

Full Body Shot

6 Types of Boudoir Shots

As a staple in the boudoir genre, the full body shot is one you definitely need to plan for during your shoot. This can be done standing or lying down on a piece of furniture or the floor. Just remember to highlight the whole body of the mode here. It is important to note that the whole subject should be in focus, a shot where part of the body is blurred is not considered to be a full body shot.

Partial Body Shot

6 Types of Boudoir Shots

The partial body shot focuses on a specific area of the body without being particular to details. The classic booty shot would fall into this category; as would shots that focus on other areas such as the bust, the back, or the legs.


6 Types of Boudoir Shots

You can’t have a good boudoir session, in my opinion, without getting at least one decent portrait. The portrait is all about the face and highlighting it to the best of your ability. Personally, I like a genuine smile in my portraits, especially one brought on by laughter as it helps to bring out a subject's inner beauty and a bit of their personality.

Detail Shot

6 Types of Boudoir Shots

Capturing the small features is what creates a detail shot. Detail shots are an awesome way to add variety to your shoots that often get overlooked. The most common example of this shows off a woman’s engagement/wedding ring or part of the outfit she is wearing. Lingerie usually has many good details you can use for this purpose.


6 Types of Boudoir Shots

The silhouette is nothing more than an outline of your subject against a brighter background, yet this simple shot has the ability to make an amazing photo. The silhouette also allows for a great sense of anonymity and mystery. If your model is a bit shy or apprehensive about certain shots a silhouette may give her the confidence to do other poses she might not have been comfortable with otherwise.

Final Thoughts

How is this information useful? If you can keep these 6 types of shots in mind during your shoot you will have a better chance to see an image staring you in the face. Such as a detail shot you would have missed had you not thought to yourself, “Are there any detail shots I can get right now?”

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