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Best YouTube Channels for Boudoir

Best YouTube Channels for Boudoir

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When I started to learn boudoir photography one of the places I turned to was YouTube. Thankfully, I found several channels that helped me learn boudoir and grow as a photographer. To help you get the most from YouTube as well, I have put together a list of my favorite channels to share with you. Some of them are boudoir specific while the others have content I believe is worth your time such as: general photography tutorials, gear reviews, posing tips, and related genres of photography.

Boudoir Specific

  • Michael Sasser

  • Marco Ibanez

  • Misty Moss

Non-Boudoir Specific

  • Anita Sadowska

  • Peter Coulson

  • Julia Trotti

  • Sorelle Amore

  • Sean Tucker

  • James Popsys

Boudoir Specific

Michael Sasser

Michael is a boudoir photographer in Los Angeles, California. His was the first boudoir channel I found and is still my number one recommended channel for those wanting to learn boudoir photography.

Macro Ibanez

Marco is based out of the Washington D.C. area. I found Marco at the same time I learned about dark and moody boudoir shots. One thing I love about him is his occasional Instagram posts breaking down poses that are extremely useful in helping you understand how to pose better. Be sure to give him a follow.

Misty Moss

Misty is a boudoir and empowerment photographer on Vancouver Island. I only recently found her channel but so far I am impressed with the quality of her work, both her YouTube videos and her photography. She also does self-shot boudoir!

Non-Boudoir Specific

Anita Sadowska

Anita is a swimwear, fashion, and lingerie photographer from Ireland. While she has some boudoir videos, her real strength is in swimwear photography. Anita will also test out and review new gear during her shoots.

Peter Coulson

Peter is a glamor and fashion photographer from Melbourne, Australia who I originally found thanks to Instagram. Some of my favorite videos of his are his Model Training videos. It’s fascinating to watch him work with his lighting setups also.

Julia Trotti

Julia is a wedding and portrait photographer in Australia. Her YouTube channel focuses on portrait photography and a little fashion. She does product reviews as well as photography educational videos.

Sean Tucker

Sean is from the UK. I found him because of his street photography videos, but I’ve grown to appreciate his take on photography as an art form. His is a great channel for those wanting to dig deeper into the art and philosophy of photography.

Sorelle Amore

Sorelle is a traveling YouTuber and minimalist originally from Australia. While Sorelle’s channel isn’t just about photography she does lean heavily on it. Specifically self portraits, which she has come to call advanced selfies. She even has a book on the topic called Take Your Selfie Seriously: The Advanced Selfie and Self-Portrait Handbook. A quick heads up, she does shoot some implied nude/empowerment photos as well.

James Popsys

James is from the UK and makes a variety of videos on photography and photography gear. When it comes to general photography channels, his is my favorite.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot more YouTube channels that might be worth your time depending on what other areas of photography you are interested in. For instance, if you have an interest in landscape then I can suggest Thomas Heaton’s channel or if you like car photography I can say the North Borders channel is for you. There may also be some boudoir specific channels I missed. So if you feel like I need to include someone on this list then leave a comment below and I will check them out.

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